Peter Gelagotis Racing Stables and Facilities

Peter has 25 boxes all with their own days yards located on his boutique training establishment at Moe which is located approx 150 km from Melbourne in Gippsland. He is a firm believer on a hands-on approach ensuring that your thoroughbred is given maximum attention and the highest level of care whilst they are under his management to ensure premium results for connections in a boutique professional environment tailor made with great facilities & staff.

The facilities include a Swimming Pool , Thoroughbred Treadmill, Day Yards and Sand Rolls. Everything is designed to ensure a relaxed environment that ultimately leads to the horses thriving in the stable environment and be cared for with low risk exposure. The Moe Racing Club has 3 tracks – course proper grass track and inside grass training track including a sand track which is open 6 days a week inc sand rolls and hot water wash rooms so this forms a critical part of our training operation and we generally utilise Cranbourne , Sale or Pakenham Racing Clubs for gallops and Trials when scheduled.

Peter utilises the water walker facilities at nearby Shadowbrook or Fulman Park for pre and post work and spells his horses at Drew & Kaz Morphett's property Cloverdale Agistment Farm near Pakenham South who understand what Peter requires and fully work in to ensure the horses are safe and feeling well and being cared for whilst having a break. Melbourne Equine Vet Group are on call regularly to ensure that the horses have the best of veterinary care led by Dr Peter Angus (Black Caviar Fame) and his team and Ben Shinsky is our Farrier and his professional approach and expertise is always of great benefit . Dr Lindsay Elliott does the majority of the Vet/Muscle work of our horses and Trevor Hatfield is the Stable Dentist so the sysytem is very down pat and works tremendously well to deliver a high level of service and care for the horses and owners.

Booralite Park led by renowned educator Julien Welsh and Peter Dalziel from Cranbourne do the bulk of the breaking in and educating of our young horses using there great facilities and staff . The Pre Training is done at Karasi Park down in Coronet Bay with beach access which is great for freshening up and giving horses great options. The stable is located within 2 hours of all the main tracks from Sale , Pakenham , Mornington , Cranbourne and all the Melbourne Tracks which is a great saving for clients as the majority of the racing can now be done in this great corridor which can only create better ownership opportunities for day or night racing and maximises prize money and saving on training costs which is very beneficial for our business and our clients.

In summery our success is driven by breaking down the risk element by engaging with High Class Horse Breakers, Agistment Farms, Veterinarians both from a General, Muscle and Dental point of view to allow Peter Gelagotis Racing to provide only the best service and care for your investment to have every opportunity on the race track.